Monday, November 19, 2012

Real Ghost Photographs, Ideal's Haunted House...

November 2012
As I write this letter, we are speeding into the holiday season.
For some fun, this month, we have included an article about an old, "ghostly" toy as well as a very cool video of Stan Lee from the Savannah Film Festival for you comic book fans. And of course, we have some great ghost photographs for your review. - Louis Charles

Ideal's Haunted House Game

The game, "Haunted House"
We thought for the holidays that it might be fun to look at at toy, or in this case a game, that sparked our imaginations and kindled our desire to explore the paranormal as children. In 1962, toy maker, Ideal, came out with the best haunted house game ever.
Take a look at the Haunted House Game.

Real Ghost Photographs...

A female ghost sits behind her...
This month, we explore 5 ghost photographs that have filled up many an e-mail inbox. These specters have awed millions of people via the Internet. Are they all real? Take a closer look and consider their stories.
Check out our Real Ghost Photographs...

New Ghost Pictures Section!

Famous & Real Ghost Photos
Last month, we announced that the old Angels & Ghostshomepage was a thing of the past. Now, we also have a new look for our ghost pictures section of our website.
Check out Real Ghost Pictures.

The Amazing Stan Lee (Special Feature)

Stan Lee in Savannah, GA...
In October, we visited Savannah, Georgia, did some ghost hunting, and caught a live interview with legendary comic book character, Stan Lee. Listen to the creator of some of the most beloved superheros, such as Spider Man, the Hulk, X-Men, Captain America and many more.
YouTube interview: The Amazing Stan Lee.
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Best Journeys,
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Angels & Ghosts
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spooky Ghost Photos, Ghost Shadows & More...

October 2012 Our favorite month is here, and we have been hard at work upgrading Angels & Ghosts. We've launched our new homepage, our new ghost hunting store and will soon be redesigning the interior category pages of our website. By the end of the year, our mobile site will also be live. Enjoy a better experience and a better look! - Louis Charles

Shadow People...

Ghost shadows story...
From time to time, we like to dispel common misconceptions about ghosts, spirits and haunting. Recently, we received a fantastic account of interaction with ghost shadows (aka shadow ghosts, shadow people, dark shadows, hat people, etc) from Gabriel. Read Ghost Shadows and learn more...

Ghost Pictures...

A ghost sits beside this woman...
Enjoy this month's page of ghost pictures. We have unique submissions and some old classics for your ghost study. Check out our Spooky Ghost Photos...

New Homepage!

Our old Angels & Ghosts homepage is a thing of the past as we welcome our new look! The new homepage features banners, images, and nicely organized drop-down menu.

 Take a look at Angels & Ghosts...
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Best Journeys, Louis Charles, Publisher & Author Angels & Ghosts Helping Ghosts

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Angels & Ghosts News: Animals & the Afterlife

Do Animals Live on in the Afterlife?

Louis Charles
September 2012 Heading into our Fall season, as we reported last month, we are still hard at work, updating for the remainder of 2012. This means a new ghost hunting store will go live this Fall, and the main navigational pages on the website will be revamped and mobile friendly. This month, enjoy a new report of an experience with the spirit of a pet dog while the person was having an out-of-body experience. Also enjoy some interesting animal ghost pictures!

Animals in the Afterlife

Is your pet with you?
Did you ever wonder what happens to a pet after it passes? Does the life of animals end at death, or do our furry friends live on in the ethereal real? Sylvia has an out-of-body experience and decided to see if her deceased dog would come if called. 

Read what happened: Animals in the Afterlife

 Explore more: Animal Ghosts

Animal Ghost Pictures

Ghost dog appears...

Kathy Owen unknowingly photographed the face of a dog during a ghost investigation. (Of course, no dog was present that they could see.) Take a look at the Ghost Dog Photograph

Ghost birds?

Becky from Mexico sent us a photograph of her holding a bird in a cage. She noticed later that there were other birds in the photo - animal spirits, she believes - that did not have physical bodies. Were her feathered friends hanging out with the "living" birds? Could they have been former residents of the cage? Check out the Bird Ghost Picture

Do you see a horse and rider in the mist?

Her late father snapped this ghost picture of a horse and rider in the stable mist. The form, at first, is difficult to see. But to us, it is unmistakably the image of ghostly equine and rider. Can you see he apparition? Ghost Horse & Rider

Is this her dog?

Christine sent us her ghost photo of what may have been her dog, Xena, looking through the window behind her. Even though the ghost dog's face is small, what we love about this picture is that there are experiences from multiple people to help confirm it. Check out the story and Ghost Dog Photo

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Best Journeys,

Louis Charles, Publisher & Author
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 2012 Angels & Ghosts Newsletter

Both Ghosts and Angels on Tap!

Louis Charles
July 2012
I know it's been a while since we have written you about angels. This month, we are happy to make you aware of an incredible angel sighting. We also have some great ghost pictures to review and an account of ghostly experiences from a 12 year old girl.
Have a great month and enjoy the following articles and photographs!

The Shanksville Angel Sightings

Flight 93 and angels?
Lillie Leonardi was at the crash scene of Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania that occurred as part of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Recently, she published a book that details her story of seeing angels at the crash scene. Her insightful thoughts caught our attention, and so, we suggest looking closer at Lillie's Shanksville Angel Sightings.

Ghost Sightings From a 12 Year Old

Kids and ghosts...
Some are too quick to discount ghost sightings from children. But yet, many experiences with ghosts seem to come from kids. Are they all bogus, or could some be real?
This month we look at several sightings from a 12 year old and her friends. Did they encounter ghosts? You decide...
Ghost Sightings Stories

Ghost Pictures That Are Dang Good

Apparition in a video still?
The owner of a Perth tearoom comes forward with a surveillance video capture of what appears to be a ghostly apparition. Some have hailed it to be the best paranormal evidence of the last 10 years. But is it? We looked at the still image taken from the clip, but this just made us wonder, "Where is the ghost video?"
What's happening in this Scotland Ghost Picture

Face reflected on the card?

Sports card...ghost face. Say what?
Yeah, that's right. We see a pair of eyeballs looking back at us when we study this Patrick Ewing basketball card. Is it a ghost or coincidence? Pareidolia or proof that items can be haunted?
Decide for yourself: Sports Card Ghost

Figure in a church window.
We've all heard that ghosts aren't supposed to be in churches. Well, we might beg to differ, and so would Leo who captured a figure in its window (when the building was empty). Is this a ghost?
Take a closer look at the Church Window Ghost

Is that a man sitting?

Recently, we received an incredible ghost picture taken in downtown St. Augustine. While snapping photographs of a castle-looking house, Tracey Harrell inadvertently snapped this pic (at right) of what looks to be a man sitting on a chair!
Study the St. Augustine Ghost Picture

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Best Journeys,
Louis Charles, Publisher & Author
Angels & Ghosts
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Gnome, Ghost Box on TV & Ghost Photos

Ghost Pics & the Ghost Box on Television

Louis Charles
June 2012
Summer is here! We've been busy with some timely maintenance on the Angels & Ghosts website, so you might say it's been a bit different month for us. Stay tuned...our plan is to continue to share compelling photos, interesting stories and experimental technology - all centered around ghosts and spirits.
Have a great month and enjoy the following article and spirited photographs...

The Ghost Box is Being Used More & More on TV

Read on...
Last month, I offered you a free audio download of ghost and spirit voices I had recorded. I captured them through use of a ghost box. In the paranormal community as a whole, the ghost box has been gaining acceptance by those who have kept an open mind. Don't get me wrong; there are those who refuse to even consider that it could possibly work. Unfortunately, most of those who oppose ghost box use have been on paranormal TV shows. But recently, we've noticed the ghost box being used more and more during ghost investigations on television.
Read: TV Shows & The Ghost Box

Ghost Pictures & a Gnome Captured?

Ghost in Savannah?
Wow - is that a man in the bushes, behind the bushes or a ghost that manifested in one of the creepiest cemeteries in the United States?

This summer, we take a look at a possible ghost picture snapped last summer. This coming fall, we'll be going to the exact spot to see what we can "figure" out.
But for now, check-out the Colonial Park Cemetery Ghost Picture

Remodeling Mist?

Many ghost investigators know that construction and remodeling can stir up ghost activity. Perhaps, people can be creatures of comfort and prefer things to remain just as they are. Well, construction and remodeling just might mess up their world. Could this be what is happening in this Construction Mist Picture?

Is that a girl on the landing?

Recently, Hatley Castle in British Columbia popped into the Canadian news. Reportedly haunted for years, a ghost picture has now been captured of what many believe to be a girl or woman, standing on the stairs landing. At least some believe it is a ghost in the photograph. Do you?
Examine the Hatley Castle Ghost Picture

Gnome-looking man...

We know. We know. What is a Gnome Picture doing with our ghost pictures? Quite frankly, we were too enamored by it to not include it in this month's ghost and spirit photos. After all, we don't really know what it is. Do you? Is it a ghost, spirit or just a trick of the eye?
Take a close look at the Gnome Picture

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Best journeys,
Louis Charles, Publisher & Author
Angels & Ghosts
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Angels & Ghosts News! May 2012

Ghosts: Photos & Articles

Louis Charles

May 2012

It's May, and we have some great ghost and spirit photos to see. This month, you'll also enjoy learning about how you can learn to talk with ghosts and how ghosts and spirits may be trying to reach us through our electronic devices.

Read on...

Listen to My Story of Recording Ghosts!

Free Audio Download!

How about listening to an audio clip of me telling my story about working with ghosts? This is how I got started recording their voices after being skeptical but willing to give it a go. Hear some of the actual recordings from ghosts and spirits that compelled me to learn how to communicate with those on the other side!

Free Download of Helping Ghosts Chapter 3

Talk to Ghosts

Want to talk with ghosts?

Learn how to speak with ghosts and spirits by several different methods.

In this article, we explore two methods: "tuning-in" yourself and using the ghost box. Many people know how to record EVP, so we thought it would be better to touch on two other methods of communicating with those around you in the unseen.

Read: Talk to Ghosts

Now, the Ghost Pictures...

Ghost or angel on stage?

You can see the risers on the school stage. But there are no people there, and this figure is amazingly large. Some report angels, when sighted, as being big and intimidating - up to 8 feet tall. Is this an angel? A ghost? Take a look and make up your own mind.

Check-out the Concert Stage Ghost Picture

Hidden head?

Cool photograph has the head of a teen or young man in it. The trouble is that there was no one hiding under the table and the couch would be in the way of his body (if this head had one). Is it a ghost? A prank? You decide.

See the Hidden Head Photo

Is that a skull?

A professional photographer captured our next ghost photo. At first glance, the area looks odd. Then, you can see what may be a buttoned up coat - maybe, military. But what about the head? And is that a skull above it?

Examine the Newtown Ghost Photo

Female form?

Whoa - she was this island's longest residence. Is she still residing there, looking over the operation? While on a field trip, a young school girl photographed what some believe to be the ghost of a woman.

Look closely at the Tasmania Ghost Picture

Full Spectrum Helmet Cam

Full spectrum cameras see what you can and cannot!

This item is cool because it is inexpensive and ready for you to experiment with in full spectrum. You figure out how to mount it for investigations along with your choice of an IR light source (not included):

  • Affordable - $69
  • Full spectrum
  • Small and lightweight

Full Spectrum Helmet Cam

Ghosts Communicating with Electronics?

An original ghost box.

Read about how ghosts may be trying to communicate with us by leaving voicemails, sending e-mails and using electronic devices to reach from beyond the grave. Are electronics the key to bridging the gap?

Read: Ghosts Communicating

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Best journeys,

Louis Charles, Publisher & Author
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